Bipartisan Infrastructure

Hey everyone. Quick post for y’all today. Basically I just wanted to do a quick primer on what’s been happening on Capitol Hill recently. I honestly haven’t been playing that close attention to politics since the VA governor election at the top of the month, but the main development has been the passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The quick and dirty? Congress passed *something. This is the first major infrastructure bill since Eisenhower signed the bill to implement the national interstate highway system. Yeah, that was a long time ago.

Basically what Congress just passed was meaningful, but perhaps not as much as some had hoped. To keep it short and sweet, the example I’d give is that we now have new funding for the basics like “fixing bridges” but not necessarily for fixing the broken power grid like we saw was an issue in Texas last winter. To me, the bill was a little too compromised, but that’s as much as I’ll go with my opinion.

Your takeaway should be that a bipartisan (whatever that means nowadays) slimmed-down infrastructure bill was passed in both chambers (the House AND the Senate), and that means our representatives came to at least some agreement. I might be a little overly optimistic here, but for now I’d think that most people would say Congress-people coming to agreements with each other is a good thing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found a little use from this short government/political catch-up/primer post.




Writing about what’s on my mind, don’t mind me.

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Quincy Stiles

Quincy Stiles

Writing about what’s on my mind, don’t mind me.

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